Largest LEGO Taj Mahal Ever Built At Legoland Dubai

LEGO Taj Mahal at Legoland Dubai

Largest LEGO Taj Mahal ever built at Legoland Dubai

Back in 2008, LEGO released the Taj Mahal (10189) set and it still holds the record of the largest LEGO set ever produced. Here in 2016, Legoland Dubai will house the LARGEST LEGO Taj Mahal ever built!

The entire model is made from 280,741 bricks and weighs at a whopping 645.9kg.  This amazing model of The Taj Mahal took a over 2,000 man hours to complete and is just one of the 15,000 other structures that populate Legoland Dubai.

LEGO Taj Mahal at Legoland Dubai

It would be a treat to be able to see this in person as photos definitely do not do this intricate model due justice. The attention to detail here definitely upholds the standard that we have come to know of Legoland Miniland models.


The park will be open for business on the 31st of October 2016 so if you are planning a holiday around the region, do try to pop in and take a look as I’m quite sure that you won’t be disappointed!

Now where did I keep my passport?

LEGO Taj Mahal at Legoland Dubai


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