More Vehicles Revealed In The LEGO Batman Movie Images

The LEGO Batman Movie Vehicles

The LEGO Batman Movie Vehicles ©Warner Bros Entertainment

Warner Bros Animation just dropped a brand new still from The LEGO Batman Movie and it does reveal some of Batman’s many vehicles ranging from the practical to the zany.

The image can actually be found in the Comic Con trailer that was screened last month at the convention and if we sift through it, there is a whole lot more of Batman’s modes of transport hidden within.

The LEGO Batman Movie Trailer Stills

The LEGO Batman Movie Trailer Stills

There are already 12 sets slated for release with this movie but details are still scant. Perhaps one or a few of these vehicles will make it into the final selection and be realised as actual models come next year.

Here is what we can see so far:

  • Bat-Jet: Fighter jet of some sort.
  • Bat Pirate Ship: Looks like the left over of Metalbeard’s Sea Cow
  • Bat-Helicopter: More of a utility helicopter than a combat one
  • Bat-Hovercraft: Catered for all of Batman’s land and sea operations
  • Batmobile (2000s): A hardier version of the Batmobile.
  • Bat-Cargo Plane: This is how Batman’s C-130 Hercules cargo plane would look like.
  • Batmobile (1990): Tim Burton Batman inspired.
  • Bat-Boat: Typical standard watercraft mode of transport.
  • Batmobile (1950): A Batmobile that is definitely inspired by Bob Kane.
  • Bat-Truck: Batman’s semi trailer truck in black.
  • Bat-Jet ski: For all of Batman’s personal watercrafting needs.
  • Bat-bike: This would be The LEGO Batman’s movie version of the Batpod

That is the rough list that I was able to come up with so far. I’m sure there are more tucked in the trailers somewhere.

What are your picks that you would like to see as sets? And I’m pretty confident that someone will MOC the entire garage once the movie is released!

The LEGO Batman Movie Trailer Stills

Robin cannot wait for the movie to be released


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