LEGO Doctor Strange Movie Poster

LEGO Marvel Superheroes Doctor Strange Movie Poster

Marvel’s Doctor Strange movie starring Benedict Cumberbatch opens tomorrow and Lego Facebook just released the LEGO Doctor Strange movie poster!

I love these LEGO-lized versions of popular movie posters as it is a nice way to link the LEGO world to ours. It also means that we have a new poster to decorate our Palace Cinema with!

LEGO Doctor Strange Movie Poster Comparison

LEGO Doctor Strange Movie Poster Comparison

The LEGO poster is a translation of the first teaser for Doctor Strange with him standing in front of the window inside his Sanctum Sanctorum.

Click the image at the top to get a high-res version to download and print for your minifigure dioramas.

I have caught a sneak preview of the movie and it looks amazing! I would highly recommend anyone who is even mildly interested to get into a cinema this weekend and catch it.

Here is the latest theatrical trailer:

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