LEGO Wall Calendar 2017 For Europe Revealed

LEGO Wall Calendar 2017

One of the aspects of the LEGO Brand Experience that has not reached Singapore’s shores yet is the annual LEGO Wall Calendar.

For those who are unfamiliar with the LEGO Wall Calendar, it is a free yearly timetable that is given out if you make a purchase at any LEGO Brand Store during the promotion period.

LEGO Wall Calendars 2015/2016

LEGO Wall Calendars 2015/2016 © Bricktheworld

What is interesting about this calendar is that it is chock full of vouchers that you could redeem for things ranging from exclusive minifigures, posters, extra VIP Points or even small LEGO sets.

Think of it as a way for The LEGO Group to reward their customers after a year of keeping our collective wallets rather lean.

LEGO Wall Calendar 2017

LEGO Wall Calendar 2017 – Europe Edition

The guys over at LCC Builders have reported that they are already pre-empting their customers for next year’s wall calendar ahead of the promotion period of 11th December to 15 January.

From the image, we can gather that there will be 13 vouchers in all with the first two being featured on the front. It looks that they will be giving you something on your birthday this year and the Lester (Leicester Square LEGO Store Mascot) is featured rather prominently on the cover which might give us an idea on how to obtain this elusive minifigure.

LEGO Wall Calendar 2017

LEGO Wall Calendar 2017 USA Edition

The LEGO Wall Calendar for the United States will be available slightly earlier between 28th November to 11th December 2016. We don’t have any details on that yet but information should be available shortly since it is only a few weeks away from release.

As of now, this is a LEGO Brand Store exclusive and LEGO Certified Stores (the ones in Asia) are not included in this program yet. Hopefully this will change in the near future.

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