Review: LEGO Santa’s Sleigh

LEGO Santa Sleigh Build Your LEGO Christmas Series

LEGO Santa’s Sleigh Build Your LEGO Christmas Series

This exclusive LEGO Santa’s Sleigh is the first in the Build Your LEGO Christmas Series of mini-builds that you can redeem when you spend a minimum of SGD$120 at any Lego Certified Store in Singapore.

The Santa Sleigh is designed by Singapore’s only LEGO Certified Professional, Nicholas Foo and a few people are not aware of this but the four builds is supposed to be combined to form a bigger diorama.

The other three designs, Rudolf Reindeer, the Snowman and Santa Claus himself can be merged like this:

LEGO Santa Sleigh

It is a really nice touch and does spur one on to collect all of them and maybe redeem a few more reindeers so that the sleigh will have a full team pulling Santa along on his deliveries.

LEGO Santa Sleigh LEGO Santa Sleigh

I’ve also included the instructions for those who are unable to get one but still would like to build one on their own. Now, on to the review!

Build Experience

LEGO Santa Sleigh LEGO Santa Sleigh

As with most mini-builds of this type, it is designed to be easily built across the ages. It is pretty much a “studs-up” vertical build with only one part that utilises studs on the side (the wreaths). Your could probably challenge your kids to see who can finish this build the fastest with this one.


There is some form of playability where you can place the Santa figure on the seat and his presents in the back but that is just about it. Most Miniland scale designs tend to be quite static as they are usually made for displays. The sleigh is definitely “swooshable” as the build is quite stable.


LEGO Santa Sleigh

This is a free redeemable set so it is a little difficult to attach a value to this but I can say that the yellow tiles and curve brick 1x3x2 are quite sought after. The parts here can come in quite handy during a pinch if you are missing that element and you really need it to complete your MOC. The set consists of 118pcs which I think it not too shabby considering it is a freebie.


The design is actually done in the Miniland scale which is marginally bigger than your average minifigure size. I really like how the designer took the effort to tile up the railings and side skirting instead of leaving the studs exposed. The curved edges are also a nice touch.

LEGO Santa Sleigh

The Santa Sleigh is a pretty decent gift with purchase as it is essentially a “seasonal” set like the recent LEGO Seasonal Holiday 2016 sets with the Elves’ Workshop (40205) and Santa Claus (40206).



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  2. Michelle Erskine says:

    Did you get the directions for the Santa build

  3. tkf says:

    Hello, does santa sleigh has a number like snowman and reindeer?

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