Mystery Minifigure Giveaway From Brickfinder and LEGO Singapore

Mystery Minifigure Giveaway from Brickfinder & LEGO Singapore

Mystery Minifigure Giveaway from Brickfinder & LEGO Singapore

In the Christmas rollout for LEGO Singapore, we’re teaming up with them for an exclusive Mystery Minifigure giveaway!

All you have to do is visit any one of the three pop up stores in Singapore during the promotion period and say BRICKFINDERSLEGOXMAS16” to any of the staff members to receive a FREE Mystery Minifigure.

The promotion starts on the 18th of Nov and will run through these following venues:

  • 18th November to 27th December 2016 – Robinsons Raffles City, Level 3 Atrium 
  • 1st to 27th December 2016 – Bricks World Harbourfront Centre, Level 1 Atrium 
  • 12th to 31st December 2016 – Robinsons The Heeren Glass House 

There is NO purchase required and there is no age limit although, it would be nice if the kids got it first right? This giveaway is “while stocks last” so grab them while you can!

Robinsons Heeren Glass House

Robinsons Heeren Glass House © Brickherald

7 responses to “Mystery Minifigure Giveaway From Brickfinder and LEGO Singapore”

  1. Albert says:

    Apart from the Giveaway minifigure, what else will be available in the pop up store?Any new set e.g. the Lego Batman Movie or discounted sets?

    • Brickfinder says:

      There is still no confirmation on whether there will be LEGO Batman Movie sets at the new pop up store. However, the current promos should still be available like the discounted sets and the December gift with purchase promo.

  2. Melissa says:

    Hey everyone, just leaving an update, the heeren lego showcase only starts on 12 December instead, it’s still nespresso now

    • Brickfinder says:

      Thanks for the update! we are also only finding out about this now. I guess at least we could still get a cup of coffee…

  3. Leong says:

    Hi brickfinder. The pop up store at heeren did not
    Honour the giveaway and kept denying that there is no giveaway. My kids were left disappointed because of ridiculous excuses after excuses by the staff there. Please advise if this deal is on?

    • Brickfinder says:

      Hi. I’m really sorry that that your kids went away empty handed and I’m also trying to get to the bottom of this as well. The official word I received only just now is that the promotion has been fully redeemed and that is why there was no stock allocated to the Heeren Pop-up store. Which is odd since the Harbour Front pop-up store is still giving out the promotion as of yesterday.

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