Have a Merry LEGO Christmas In Hong Kong

LEGO Winter Wonderland- Langham Place, Hong Kong © Angela Kwan

LEGO Christmas in Hong Kong – Langham Place, Hong Kong © Angela Kwan

Christmas festivities is ramping up and Hong Kong have just unveiled their LEGO winter wonderland in the heart of Kowloon at the Langham Place shopping mall!

For this year, LEGO teamed up with Andy Hung (Hong Kong’s LEGO Certified Professional) and his amazing team of builders to construct this life sized LEGO Winter Wonderland for the holiday festivities.

Yeti Minifigure (1:20)


So if you ever wanted to feel how it is like to be a minifigure, this would be the event for you.

Throne of Studs - Langham Place © Vivien Lau

Throne of Studs – Langham Place © Vivien Lau

There are a lot of ‘life-sized” minifigures (well, about 20x times the regular size) to take photos with or you could hop on a LEGO carriage pulled by horses or even sit on the throne of the ice castle.

LEGO Lenticular painting

LEGO Lenticular painting © HK01.com

There are also lot of breath taking builds by Andy and his team peppered around the exhibit like the brick built snowman or the lenticular painting that hangs above the LEGO throne.

LEGO Snowman

On display inside the castle is a respectible LEGO sized version of this beautiful winter wonderland.

LEGO White Winter Wonderland

LEGO White Winter Wonderland © Milk Magazine

LEGO Throne of Studs

LEGO Throne of Studs

LEGO Carriage

LEGO Winter Carriage

The exhibit is located on the 4F of the Langham Place Shopping Mall and the address is 8 Argyle St, Mong Kok, Hong Kong.

So if you are in the vicinity or just holidaying do take a gander to Langham Place. Hong Kong’s LEGO Certified Store is also located at the same mall on the 12F so you can check that place out as well.

LEGO Santa is coming to town

LEGO Santa is coming to town © HK01

Trust me, you don’t want to miss this! Wish that we could get this here in Singapore too!

I’ve included a couple of videos of the media preview of the place below. Enjoy!

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