Review: LEGO Reindeer

LEGO Reindeer by LEGO Certified Professional Nicholas Foo

LEGO Reindeer by LEGO Certified Professional Nicholas Foo

This LEGO Reindeer (6197298) is the second exclusive LEGO Singapore Christmas Mini-builds that is available for redemption from today, 21st Nov to 30th Nov.

The Reindeer is designed by Singapore’s only LEGO Certified Professional, Nicholas Foo and after reviewing the LEGO Santa Sleigh it is hard not to miss his trademark style.

These mini-builds is an ongoing Christmas promotion where you get to redeem this for every SGD$120 you spend at a LEGO Certified Store in Singapore.

There are 4 to collect to ‘complete’ your Mini-build diorama but they serve well as standalone displays too.

I’ve scanned the instructions and parts list for those who are not in Singapore and would still like to add this to their LEGO Christmas decorations this year.
LEGO ReindeerLEGO Reindeer

Build Experience

LEGO Reindeer LEGO Reindeer
Simply put, these “mini-builds” are never meant to be complicated as it was designed for the masses to build.

However, there are some nice techniques that are utilised here that does not make this as straight-forward build as the LEGO Santa Sleigh.

This actually might make a decent “blind bag” challenge where you try to build the model without taking the parts of the bag. Without instructions too!


LEGO Reindeer

As this was pretty much deemed as a static model, there is pretty much zero playability.

It would have been nice if the legs could move or the head could swivel but I understand the constraints of parts to design a model like that.


LEGO Reindeer

The Reindeer has 100 pieces and there are some nice curve bricks included along with tiles, jumpers and there is even a couple of LEGO ropes thrown in.

For a freebie, I would say that this is quite a nice set of parts to keep especially if you are a builder/Mocer like me.

I would expect builders to be quite happy with the selection of parts in this Reindeer (and the rest of the mini-builds as well).


LEGO ReindeerLEGO Reindeer

As I mentioned earlier that is is hard not to miss Nicholas’ style and his penchant for “tiling up” his designs does show in this build as well.

If you notice, there are hardly any “open” studs showing which gives the model a very ‘clean’ finish.

The use of the inverted slopes were a nice touch to create the hind legs and the gold round tiles for the harness adds that bit of colour to the otherwise primarily tan coloured Reindeer.

LEGO Reindeer

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