Exclusive LEGO “50 Years On Track” Employee Gift 2016 Revealed

Exclusive LEGO "50 Years on Track" Employee Gift 2016

Exclusive LEGO “50 Years on Track” Employee Gift 2016

It is that time of year again, no I do not mean Christmas but when the LEGO Employee Gift 2016 are given out!

This year’s theme is about trains which is why LEGO Employees around the world will be getting this exclusive LEGO “50 Years on Track” set as their stocking stuffer.

LEGO "50 Years on Track" (4002016)

The set is not available in the store and is only gifted to employees of The LEGO Group. So if those who (are not under the employ of TLG) want to get their hands on one most probably need to scour sites like eBay to find a set.

This special set celebrates the six decades of classic LEGO trains since the first one rolled down the tracks in 1966.

LEGO Employee Gift (4002016)

Don’t expect them to be cheap as they usually start at around USD$250 and go up from there. Each set contains 1141pcs and has a collection of six trains and their respective tracks.

I would say that this is one of the better employee gifts to come around and is something that LEGO Train collectors would love to get their hands on. It is really nice to see the monorail make a reappearance.

LEGO Employee Gift + Card

LEGO Employee Gift + Card

Previous gifts included the LEGO Borkum Riffgrund 1 (4002015) in 2015 and the LEGO Hub Birds (4002014) in 2014.

LEGO Hub Birds (4002014) Borkum Riffgrund 1 (4002015)


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7 responses to “Exclusive LEGO “50 Years On Track” Employee Gift 2016 Revealed”

  1. Bart.eagle.eye says:

    I really wish I worked for lego now.

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  3. Hammo says:

    OMG, it just makes you want to work for LEGO doesn’t it?
    The best Employee gift I even received was a fruit cake 🙁

  4. Ken Le Prou says:

    My grandson would really love this set, he is absolutely train mad and has a good selection of Lego trains, some he has designed himself,not bad for a nine year old.

    • Brickfinder says:

      As a fan of LEGO Trains, this is a must get if you are able to. Unfortunately, the price on eBay will just keep going up.

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