Promotional Bricks From Legoland Malaysia

Promotional Bricks from Legoland Malaysia

Promotional Bricks from Legoland Malaysia

The Brick-Tacular event has begun and I have finally collected the last promotional brick from Legoland Malaysia to be released for 2016.

I thought it would be cool to compile the known promotional bricks that Legoland Malaysia gave out during the course of the year at their theme park events since that there are some of us who collect these exclusive Duplo bricks.

Promotional Bricks From Legoland Malaysia

As some of you are familiar with these as LEGO produces them for events throughout the year to commemorate the events at different Legolands around the world.

Legoland Malaysia had six events this year which they also made a standee for you to house your bricks once you’ve collected them.

Lunar New Year

Promotional Bricks From Legoland Malaysia

This was the first promotional brick that they released during the Lunar New Year celebrations earlier this year from 22nd January to 14th February 2016. You could get one for free if you helped by building a LEGO Monkey to add to the book of world records.

Star Wars Day

Legoland Star Wars Days

The annual Star Wars celebration for Legoland Malaysia took place from 30th April to 30th of May this year where attendees would have to complete a series of activities to redeem the Star Wars Duplo brick.

Eid Mubarak

Promotional Bricks From Legoland Malaysia

This event was to celebrate Eid al-Fitr after Ramadan and you could get a Duplo brick if you build make a LEGO Ketupat.


Promotional Bricks From Legoland Malaysia

For the month of October, Legoland Malaysia transforms to a spook-tacular theme park where you had to complete an activity trail in order to get your exclusive brick.


Promotional Bricks From Legoland Malaysia

Diwali (or Deepavali) is the Hindu festival of lights which is celebrated at Legoland Malaysia on October 15th. It does fall into the Halloween celebrations as well so it kind of flew under the radar when it was released.

There was a building activity where you would get one brick once you have completed it. Of all the Duplo bricks to collect, this would be the most challenging as it was only made in very limited quantities.

Brick-Tacular Holidays

Promotional Bricks From Legoland Malaysia

This would be the last brick to collect and it is ongoing now till the end of December. There are some activities to complete before getting your brick which I have covered here.

Miniland Guided Tour

Promotional Bricks From Legoland Malaysia

You can get this brick throughout the year when you attend the Miniland Guided Tour. It is a 20-30min  walkthrough of the entire miniland but it is only available on Friday – Sunday at 4.00pm & 5.00pm. You will be able to get the brick after the tour concludes.

Well, that is my collection of Duplo bricks from Legoland Malaysia. If you do have any others from there or would like to show us your collection, do drop us a PM below.

Good hunting everyone!

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