LEGO Batman Movie Posters Reveal Bane’s Ride

Best Selfie EVER!

Best Selfie EVER!

In the latest marketing push for The LEGO Batman Movie, Pyramid International released a slew of movie posters centred around the most anticipated Batman movie since The Dark Knight.

There are a bunch of posters dedicated to Batman’s rogue gallery and in one of the posters, the character Bane is seen riding an orange buggy of some sort.

Lego Batman (Raise The Roof)

Bane’s ride looks like a diabolical dune buggy sporting a gatling rocket launcher on the roof which actually fits the Bane character quite nicely. I wonder if the target sight on the gun is actually a magnifying glass with a crosshair print on it.

LEGO Batman Movie Posters Reveal Bane's Ride

Could this be the vehicle that comes packaged with the Bane Big-fig in the upcoming wave 2 of LEGO Batman Movie sets? I sure certainly hope so!

Either way, enjoy the other awesome LEGO Batman posters below. The Best Selfie poster is my favourite!

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