The X-Files Coming To LEGO Dimensions?

The X-Files Coming To LEGO Dimensions

Now this is pure speculation on my part as a keen reader sent me this screen shot while he was doing a playthrough of the Mission Impossible LEGO Dimensions game level.

It features two rather familiar characters dressed in typical FBI garb with obvious Mustache disguises.

It does allude to the characters of Fox Mulder and Dana Scully from the X-files. While this is not an official announcement in any way, it brings up the high possibility that the alien investigative duo could very well find their way into a LEGO dimensions story / level / character pack.

And the actress who plays Dana Scully on the hit television show, Gillian Anderson, has made it quite known over Twitter that she would love to have an official X-files LEGO set.

This would definitely make her wish come true (and a ton of other LEGO and X-files fans as well). So would you get this if it was made into a LEGO Dimensions expansion pack?

(Via LEGO Dimensions Club Australia)

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