Decorate Your Home With Ikea and LEGO Architecture Skylines

Decorate Your Home With Ikea and LEGO Architecture

Minifigure collectors have resorted to Ikea’s Ribba frames to house their collections as they provide a cheap and easy way to protect and display them at the same time.

So it is really cool to see Liqiwei2000‘s LEGO Architecture skyline collection all framed up in Ikea’s new Kasseby display boxes. The frames have an internal dimension of 41.5cm wide , 24.5cm high and a depth of 5.5cm.

LEGO Architecture Home Decorations

As most LEGO Architecture skylines are about 3- 5 studs deep which most would fit the 5.5cm of the frame’s depth.

LEGO Architecture Home Decorations

However, the Sydney and London skylines are 6cm and 8cm deep respectively so a little bit of modding is requited to fit them into the Kasseby’s frame but as you can see, they still look really picturesque.

LEGO Architecture Home Decorations

The tallest point of the New York City skyline is the One World Trade Centre which stands at 25cm tall so you would need to swap the antenna out for a shorter 3L LBG bar for it to fit the frame.

LEGO Architecture Home Decorations

Other than that, the rest of the skylines should fit right in after completion. What I like about these frames is that they are quite versatile. They can be aligned in a portrait orientation for taller builds if need be.

kasseby-display-box-white__0447049_pe597023_s4 kasseby-display-box-white__0447591_pe597401_s4

The frames can be placed in the hall or even along the stairs to the second level which definitely adds to the interior decoration of the home and may make your LEGO collection a little more palatable to your significant other.

LEGO Architecture Home Decorations

Got a great use for your Ikea frames? Drop us a message below in the comments or email us! Happy Bricking everyone!


5 responses to “Decorate Your Home With Ikea and LEGO Architecture Skylines”

  1. Andrew Ang says:

    Awesome idea! I was beginning to worry about how to display my sets!

  2. Markus says:

    Nice! Fantastic idea.
    Now i know how to display my sets

  3. Jeremy says:

    WOW, that’s so amazing!!!!

  4. Alex says:

    Can I ask what the modifications that were needed for the London set were please?

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