Wave Goodbye To 2016 With Surfing Santa

Wave Goodbye to 2016 with surfer santa

Santa is finally done going down chimneys and off for some recreation time before preparing for the next Christmas. He is seen here surfing on this beautifully created wave by Jijin Koid.This build here demonstrates the use of the 1×1 round brick to create the curved wave that you see.

It was produced in 1955 where there was no bottom lip. A new design was adopted later with the “tapered” bottom as the old full-bottom bricks did not grip very well. This made it more versatile than the older style. However, it went through another change in 1977 and this was in response to product safety regulations where the studs had a hole in them.

With the “tapered” bottom, the 1×1 round brick allows any brick that is laid on top its stud to rotate a full 360 degree.


Unlike a 2×2 or 2×4 brick which will restrict one to only 90 degrees, the 1×1 round brick gives the builder the ability to rotate it in any position desired.

In this build, a combination of 1×1 round bricks, 1×1, 1×2 plates and 1×1 round studs were used.


The 1×2 plates were placed interlocking onto the 1×1 round bricks and tilted as the curve of the wave was created.

The use of just 3 basic colours, blue, Trans blue and clear has mimicked that beautiful oceanic view that one will encounter while watching surfers surf at the beach.

At the base, the blue would signify the deep ocean waters and its currents and as the waves curve up, trans blue was used to show how the waves softly calms back downwards ending with edge of trans clear 1×1 plates and 1×1 studs.

He has also taken another step to create the edge of the wave with a jaggered end by using the 1×1 round trans clear studs.

A simple looking build with just four elements but the look and feel is just stunning.

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