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New LEGO Play Experience Coming On January 4th 2017

LEGO Facebook posted two very cryptic videos which teases an upcoming announcement for a new LEGO play experience that they will be launching on January 4th 2017. You can see the videos for yourself and some are speculating that it will be the reveal of much requested

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LEGO Batman Movie Tiger Print Suit Batman Discovered

LEGO Batman Movie Tiger Print Batsuit

Looks like there is another LEGO Batman Movie polybag to collect which gives us the Tiger Print Suit Batman to add to our collection. From the packaging, it can be deduced that it could very well be an Asia exclusive

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Be The Next LEGO Friends Designer!

Be the Next LEGO Friends Designer

To celebrate the 5th anniversary of the LEGO Friends theme, LEGO is teaming up with Toys ‘R’ Us to give your child a once in a life time chance to design their very own expansion of Heartlake City which will eventually become an actual LEGO set to be sold in Toys ‘R’ Us stores around the […]

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LEGO Batman Movie Disco Batman/Tears of Batman Polybag Details

Disco Batman/Tears of Batman Polybag

Our friends over at Promobricks managed to get their hands on the LEGO store calendar and it reveals how to get the LEGO Batman Movie Disco Batman / Tears of Batman (30607) Polybag! It will be a gift with purchase where you get the polybag for a minimum spend of €55

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20 Holiday MOCs To Bring In The Cheer

18 Holiday MOCs To Bring In The Cheer

It is the Boxing day and what better way to celebrate than to check out what other builders have been busy with this holiday season. I’ve compiled a handful of builds that I’ve come across over the past couple of months leading up to Christmas.

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LEGO Batman Movie Batmobile And Batwing Polybags Revealed

While we were speculating on how the LEGO Batman Movie Mini-Batwing would look like, the guys from The Brother’s Brick got both the LLEGO Batman Movie Batmobile and Batwing polybags for an early review! The mini-Batmobile looks like a pretty close scaled down version of The Batmobile (70905)

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LEGO Seasonal Easter (40237) Set First Look

LEGO Seasonal Easter Egg Hunt (40237)

As I reported that the LEGO Valentine’s Day Picnic set is on sale in some stores around Europe, it was only a matter of time before someone opened their set. Tucked away at the back of the instructions for the LEGO Seasonal Valentine’s Day Picnic is the preview of the LEGO Seasonal (40237) Easter Egg Hunt […]

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LEGO Chess Set Spotted In Stores

LEGO Chess Set (40174)

It looks like the LEGO Brand Stores in Europe has quietly updated their shelves with the new “lifestyle” products for 2017. The latest to be discovered is the LEGO Chess set which features a brick built chess board and pieces.

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LEGO Year of the Rooster Set Officially Announced

LEGO Year of the Rooster (40236)

Christmas is not even here yet and LEGO Singapore just officially announced the Year of the Rooster (40234) Set! The set consists of 156 pcs and it comes in a similar packaging as the previous two Lunar New Year sets

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LEGO Seasonal Valentine’s Day (40236) Discovered

LEGO Seasonal Valentine's Day (40236)

With 2017 just a mere couple of weeks away, we are finally able to feast our eyes on the first images for the LEGO Seasonal Valentine’s Day (40236) set! This set is actually on sale in a LEGO Brand Store in

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