LEGO Batman Movie Coming To A Happy Meal Near You

LEGO Batman Movie Coming To A Happy Meal Near You

A keen eyed reader sent this to The Brick Fan earlier today which shows us a flattened McDonalds Happy Meal box with an advertisement for The LEGO Batman Movie.

Movie tie-ups have been a staple for McDonalds as they had a joint promotion with Warner Bros during the screening of The LEGO Movie back in 2014. 


The LEGO Movie Collectible Cups

Each week during the movie’s theatrical run, the Happy Meal came with a collector cup with one of the LEGO Movie characters emblazoned across the surface.

As much as I would love to have the Happy Meals come with either a minifigure or a polybag, chances are slim there has not been a direct promotion that involved bricks or minifigures in recent years.

LEGO Batman The Video Game

Even in 2008 when they had a promotion for The LEGO Batman Video game, they gave out slightly larger ‘minifigures’ in somewhat permanent poses with bendy arms and legs.

I would love to see a Fast Food Cashier Batman or perhaps even the Joker dressed as Ronald McDonald. Now THAT would truly be an AFOL’s Happy Meal.

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