The LEGO Batman Movie To Be Released In Cantonese

With the global appeal of the Batman franchise, it is no surprise that Warner Bros would release the movie in various languages from around the world.

As Hong Kong is one of the biggest producers of movies in Asia, a Cantonese (广东话) dub was already in the works and it was only recently that Warner Bros. Animation announced that none other than Sean Lau Ching-wan (刘青云) will be voicing Cantonese Batman!


Sean Lau is a veteran of Hong Kong cinema and TV dramas but what some might not know is that he has been providing the Cantonese dubs for animated movies like Toy Story and Finding Nemo so I think we’re in pretty good hands.


It has also been revealed that Hins Cheung (张敬轩) will be voicing the Cantonese version of Robin. The rest of the Cantonese voice cast has not been revealed yet but I’m still quite stoked that The LEGO Batman Movie is getting the localised treatment.

The teaser trailer is similar to the ones we saw last year except we now have Batman traipsing around Hong Kong, taking selfies with famous landmarks and eating Dim Sum (点心).



(Additional information by HKLug)

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