LEGO Float Debuts At The Chinese New Year Night Parade

LEGO Float on the streets of Hong Kong ©HKLug

LEGO Float on the streets of Hong Kong ©HKLug

Hong Kong’s only LEGO Certified Professional Andy Hung and his team have been hard at work on this LEGO float for close to six months and it has just made it debut at the 2017 Cathay Pacific International Chinese New Year Night Parade!

The main attraction is the 2-meter tall, 220,000 piece LEGO Rooster which is the ultra upsized version of the Year of the Rooster (40234) set.


Work on this project began in the summer of 2016 which includes building a scale model of the LEGO float complete with the different minifigures that will adorn it.

The procession had the LEGO Batman Movie mascots joining the fun with an assortment of upsized LEGO Collectible Minifigure statues.


There was also a life sized LEGO Kumquat plant along with a moulded LEGO God of Fortune that was constructed just for this event. Above is a time lapse of the construction of the LEGO Rooster which shows us a little bit of how much work went into the whole endeavour.


I would definitely want a couple of those extra large LEGO Kumquat plants to frame my doorway.

I’ve also included a video, courtesy of Andy Hung, of the float making its’ way through the parade. The fun starts at the 6:05 mark on the video.


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