LEGO Batman Movie Summer Sets Round Up


One of the more notable highlights for the New York Toy Fair was the first real world glimpse of the LEGO Batman Movie Summer Sets.

It included the recently revealed Ultimate BatMobile (70917), The Batwing (70916), Two-Face Double Demolition (70915), Bane Toxic Truck Attack (70914) and the Scarecrow Fearful Face-Off (70914).

While I’m definitely going to lay down some cash for the Ultimate Bat-mobile (70917), I’m also quite intrigued if it is possible to combine the Scuttler and the Bat-wing into big transforming bat vehicle.

 The Ultimate BatMobile (70917)

  • Minifigures: Polka-Dot Man, Alfred Pennyworth, Wicked Witch of the West, Flying monkeys (x2), Batman, Robin and Batgirl.
  • 1456pcs
  • RRP: USD$129.99 / 139.99€

The LEGO Batman Movie Summer 2017

Here are a couple of videos of the Ultimate Batmobile in action:


The Batwing (70916)

  • Minifigures: Batman, Robin, Harley Quinn
  • 1053pcs
  • RRP: USD$89.99 / 99.99€

The LEGO Batman Movie Summer 2017

Two-Face Double Demolition (70915)

  • Minifigures: Batman, GCPD Officer (Male), GCPD Officer (Female), Two-Face
  • 564pcs
  • RRP: USD$59.99 / 54.99€

The LEGO Batman Movie Summer 2017

Bane Toxic Truck Attack (70914)

  • Minifigures: Bane, Mutant Leader, Batman
  • 366pcs
  • RRP: USD$49.99 / 54.99€

The LEGO Batman Movie Summer 2017

Scarecrow Fearful Face-Off (70914)

  • Minifigures: Batman, Scarecrow
  • 141pcs
  • RRP: USD$14.99 / 17.99€

LEGO Batman Movie Scarecrow Fearful Face-Off (70913)

These are all the sets that have been revealed….for now. I’m still holding out for more sets to be announced as there are still a plethora of minifigures that desperately need to made into a reality like Condiment King and Gentleman’s Ghost.


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