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Taiwan LEGO Store Visit: Gold Bricks

LEGO Store Gold Bricks

Tucked away between two shop houses is a tiny door that serves as the entrance to another one of Taiwan’s most notable LEGO specialty stores. I would most likely have missed it if it weren’t for the LEGO banner that was placed outside

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Brickfinder Visits The Brick Works Cafe

Brick Works Cafe at the Taipei Arena

My next stop on this Taiwan LEGO tour is the Brick Works Cafe that is located at the Taipei Arena (臺北小巨蛋) in the Songshan (松山區) District. There is a Metro station right there so it is really easy to get to. This outlet is one of the four LEGO themed cafe under the Brick Works brand

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Sneak Peek at Shanghai’s First LEGO Certified Store

LEGO Certified Store Shanghai

With the LEGO Group’s rapid expansion into Asia, it was only a matter of time before Shanghai would be the home to the first ever LEGO Certified Store (LCS) in China. It will officially open for business on the 25th of March (Saturday) but some of the LEGO fans were treated to a VIP preview of […]

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LEGO Ideas Modular Construction Site LDD File Online

LEGO Ideas Modular Construction Site by Ryan Taggart

While I was a little disappointed that Ryan Taggart’s Modular Construction Site did not make the final cut of LEGO Ideas projects, he has generously made the LDD (LEGO Digital Designer) file available for download! 

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LEGO Ultimate Collectors Series Snowspeeder Official Announcement

LEGO Ultimate Collectors Series Snowspeeder (75144)

Finally after months of speculation, the LEGO Ultimate Collectors (UCS) Series Snowspeeder (75144) is officially revealed! The set will contain 1,703 pieces and retail for US $199.99 / CA $229.99 / DE 199.99€ / UK £169.99 / DK 1799.00 DKK.

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Costume Party Theme for LEGO Collectible Minifigure Series 18?

Costume Party Theme rumoured for CMF Series 18

There have been a bit of chatter today with a rumour that was posted on Eurobricks which hints that series 18 could very well be a “costume party” theme. The story was also picked up by resident sleuth Just2Good on his youtube channel. While I welcome an entire series dedicated to costumed mascots, I do wonder […]

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Taiwan LEGO Store Visit: BidBuy4uTW

BidBuy4uTW store front

One of the stores that kept coming up in conversations about Taiwan LEGO is one of the oldest dedicated LEGO stores in Taipei, BidBuy4uTW. As some of you may already know, there isn’t an ‘official‘ LEGO Certified Store in Taiwan and most of these ‘specialty’ stores were borne out of fans for their love of LEGO.

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Brickfinder Visits Taiwan LEGO Museum: Wild Studio (歪樓樂高積木藝術空間)

As some of you know that I’m in Taipei, Taiwan for a short holiday and I would remiss if I did not check out some of the LEGO stores and exhibits that reside in the country’s capital. My first stop on this trip is the 歪樓樂高積木藝術空間 “Wild Studio” that is managed by the members of Pockyland.

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LEGO Pirates of the Caribbean: Silent Mary and BrickHeadz Now Available For VIPs

LEGO Pirates of the Caribbean Dead Men Tell No Tales Silent Mary (71042)

The LEGO Pirates of the Caribbean: Dead Men Tell No Tales Silent Mary (71042) set is now available for all LEGO VIP members at the LEGO Brand Stores and Sho[@Home. The set consists of 2,294 pieces and has a Recommended Retail Price (RRP) of

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LEGO Brand Store April 2017 Calendar Promotions: Shanghai

LEGO R2-D2 (30611)

We don’t really get the chance to report much about the LEGO Brand Store calendars as these are still unavailable for LEGO Certified Stores (LCS) in Asia. The only LEGO Brand Store that exists in “exotic east” is the one located next to Shanghai Disneyland and they have just uploaded their LEGO Brand Store Calendar […]

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