LEGO Detention Block Rescue Instructions and Parts List

LEGO Star Wars Detention BlockWhile some managed to get their hands on the Star Wars Celebration Exclusive LEGO Detention Block Rescue Set, there are many others (including myself) who were not able to purchase one.

Thankfully, there are some kind AFOLs who bought the set and have took photos of the parts list with instructions and uploaded them online. 

001 -parts list

002 -parts list

Some of it is a tad blur but you can still make out the parts required to Bricklink and build your own.

There are no exclusive parts to this set so everyone can breath a sigh of relief. There is however one printed 1×1 tile (25700) which can be found in some of the recent sets like the Cit Pizza Van (60150) and the Iron Skull Attack Sub (76048).

LEGO Detention Block Rescue

Steve Peacock has kindly uploaded the instructions so that we all can build the set with our own parts. I’ve compiled them into a handy pdf which you can download here.

Happy bricking everyone!

(Parts list images Via Steve Peacock)

20 responses to “LEGO Detention Block Rescue Instructions and Parts List”

  1. Luke says:

    You are a legend! If I could have bought it would, but this is almost as good.

  2. Dylan Stoltenberg says:

    Anybody have an XML/Brickstock file yet?

  3. Bart.eagle.eye says:

    Thank you for posting this! I am for sure going to build this!

  4. GreenHare07 says:

    Thank you so much!! My daughter was lucky enough to get a ticket into the Lego booth at SWCO but we want to keep the one set we got sealed… this way I can hunt for the bricks and build the set ourselves and display it in front of the one in the box 🙂

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  7. JT says:

    I was able to bricklink all the parts except for the light blue grey curved wall piece on the lower left section of the second parts list. Can anyone read out the part number for that one? It’s too blurry for me to make out. Much appreciated!

  8. Kris says:

    How do I buy the bricks guys? I’m new to this 🙂

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  10. Aldo says:

    What is the part number of the large curved piece on the lower left corner of page 2? Thanks.

  11. Greg says:

    This is awesome. Is the brick color dark bluish gray or light bluish gray?

  12. Garrett says:

    Does anyone know about how much this comes out when Bricklinking the pieces?

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