Rumour: LEGO Fairground Carousel To Be Released in June?

LEGO Creator Carousel (10196)

LEGO Creator Carousel (10196) c.2009

With the rumours swirling about the return of the LEGO Star Wars Ultimate Collectors Series Millennium Falcon this year, it would be easy to skip this little nugget that has been going around for some time.

Ever since the debut of the LEGO Creator Fairground sub-theme, there has been a tonne of rumours circling the re-issue / release of a LEGO Carousel. And just today, Eurobricks contributor Tragic Banjo, has reported that the set will be launching on June 1st.

LEGO Creator Carousel (10196) Box

LEGO Creator Carousel (10196) Box c.2009

Jamie Berard is the designer for the LEGO Creator Fairground Mixer (10244) and the LEGO Creator Ferris Wheel (10247) which was a welcome update to the older LEGO Ferris Wheel (4957) so I would suspect that this new carousel should sport an updated design and not a direct re-issue.

The LEGO Designer videos have been known to contain clues as to the upcoming sets that will be featured in the videos. In 2015, the LEGO Designer video title screen gave us our first glimpse of the Marcos Bessa’s LEGO Avenger Helicarrier (76042).

LEGO Designer Video leaks Avengers Helicarrier

If you look closely at this year’s intro sequence, you will be able to spot some of the references like LEGO Designer Bjorn force choking Tom which alludes to their LEGO Star Wars UCS Snowspeeder video or Adam climbing up the side wall which references his LEGO Classic Batcave (76052) video.

LEGO Designer Tom Climbing Walls 003---batman-and-robin

Jamie’s shot in the title sequence has him spinning around which would suggest that his designer video would be centred around a set that spins, like a *cough* carousel *cough*.

Jamie Berard Spinning

It is always fun to speculate and I will always advise taking everything with a bucket of salt. Just that if you are on the cusp of shelling out a tonne of cash on that LEGO Creator Carousel (10196) from 2009, you might want to hold off on that till the official word is out on this rumour.

Oh and by the way, the thing you see in the background of your LEGO Ferris Wheel (10247) box is called a “Swing Carousel” (just leaving this here…)

Swing Carousel

(Thanks to The Brick Fan and CM4Sci for the heads up!)

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  1. Alan says:

    If that true about the carousel, that will be great!

  2. Fiona Morrison says:

    This is something I would love! 😀

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