LEGO Create The World (40256) Set Discovered

LEGO Create The World (40256)

Here is a piece of news that went a little under the radar which is the discovery of a new 3-in-1 set that has popped up in a Sainsbury supermarket in the United Kingdom.

Brickset is reporting that the Cambridgeshire’s Sainsbury supermarket is selling this which includes a collectible trading card component to it.

LEGO Create The World (40256)

As mentioned above, the set is similar to the Creator 3-in-1 series in which you are able to construct a car, boat or helicopter with the bricks within.

This could very well be a Sainsbury exclusive or a regional one as the trading card portion seems to be UK-centric.

LEGO Create The World (40256)

Here is a break down of the different card promotions that will take place:

  • Free Lego Create the World trading cards from Wednesday 3rd May until 16th June.
  • Spend £10 in supermarket/ online and you’ll receive a pack of 4 cards
  • Spend £5 in convenience and you’ll receive a pack of 2 cards
  • There will also be a collectors album available for £2, and a 50p booster pack of 4 cards.
  • There are a total of 140 cards to collect.
  • You will receive the cards up to a maximum spend of £150 (15 packs)
  • You will not receive cards when purchasing fuel. Usual spend exclusions apply.

It does seem like a nice starter set which comes with two minifigures and is retailing at £8. Anyone going to the United Kingdom any time soon?

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