Rumoured LEGO DC Superhero Minifigures For 2018

LEGO DC Superhero Minifigures

The summer wave is just starting and the rumour mill has already started churning out possible minifigure appearances for next year’s LEGO DC Superhero sets.

Instagram speculation silo, Delta Customs, is reporting that there will be three new LEGO DC Superhero sets that will be launched in January 2018.

First up is actually a set based on the DC character Lobo, the intergalactic bounty hunter of the DC universe with enough irreverence to give Deadpool a run for his money.

LEGO Batman 3 Lobo

It will feature Lobo’s space hog which I always felt was the inspiration for LEGO Ninjago Skull Motobike (2259). It will also include a Superman and Lobo minifigure.

LEGO Ninjago Skull Motobike (2259)

LEGO Ninjago Skull Motobike (2259)

The next set is rumoured to be another Lex Luthor Mech which is larger than the last one, Superman VS Power Armour Lex (6862).

Superman VS Power Armour Lex (6862)

Superman VS Power Armour Lex (6862)

There will be a brick built wing pack for Batman and include the minifigures Batman, Cheetah, Wonder Woman, Fire Storm and Lex Luthor himself.

LEGO Batman 3 Firestorm

The last set will be centred around Cyborg which features a helicopter and some sort of “freeze car” possibly belonging to Killer Frost.

LEGO Batman 3 Killer Frost

LEGO Batman 3: Beyond Gotham – Killer Frost

The set will include the minifigures Flash, Killer Frost, Reverse Flash and Cyborg.

LEGO Batman 3 Reverse Flash

LEGO Batman 3: Beyond Gotham – Reverse Flash

I really do hope that these sets come to fruition as there are a whole bunch of minifigures I would love to add to my DC Superheroes collection.

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