Discover Malaysian Heritage With These Gorgeous LEGO MOCs

LUG of Malaysia Jom Balik Kampung LEGO show

The launch of the Exclusive LEGO Malaysia Cultural Mini-Builds was just the start of the month long celebration of heritage and culture in Malaysia and now we have the chance to check out LUG of Malaysia’s (LOM) MOC masterpieces live at their exclusive showcase!

LOM’s event will be held at the Pavillion Shopping Mall in Kuala Lumpur and it will challenge 18 builders to create a massive 2.1 meter square diorama that will feature brand new creations that embodies the theme of Malaysian heritage and culture.

LOM Balik Kampung event

“Jom balik kampung” roughly translate to “Let’s Go Back Home” which is an apt name for an event like this as there will be tonnes of LEGO goodness to enjoy as well as a trip down memory lane through the lens of the brick.

Here is a sneak preview of some of the stuff that will be showcased at the event:



Joe Yuen


Amiro Sama

‎Erman Abdul Razak‎ 

Medan Selera Warisan

These will all be on display from June 7th onwards till the 2nd of July so if you are in the Malaysia’s capital during that period, head on down for a truly Malaysian cultural experience.

Event Details:

Theme : Jom Balik Kampung. Let’s Go Raya!
Date : 7th June – 2nd July 2017
Venue : Pavilion Centre Court L2, Kuala Lumpur, Malaysia

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