LEGO Mini-Piggy Coin Bank Spotted in LEGOLAND Malaysia

LEGO Mini-Piggy Coin Bank (45251)

It seems that the LEGO Mini-Piggy Bank (40251) 3-in-1 set that was slated to be July’s LEOG Brand Store gift-with-purchase has popped up in LEGOLAND Malaysia.

One of our readers who was at the LEGOLAND Malaysia’s BIG Shop snapped these photos of the LEGO Mini-Piggy Coin Bank for sale on the shelves.

LEGO Mini-Piggy Coin Bank (45251)

It is retailing for RM$89.90 which is approximately SGD$29 / USD$21.

I’m not sure how LEGOLAND Malaysia managed to get their hands on this gift-with-purchase (one that has not been released yet) for sale but if you are there, you might want to get your hands on it before stocks run out.

(Special thanks to Eelin Tan for the photos and information!)

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