Bricklink Mosaick Maker is Now Online

Bricklink Mosaick Maker

I posted a week ago about Bricklink’s new online Mosaick maker and they have started their open-beta where you can upload your photos and give it a whirl.

It works pretty well for the most part with presets for aspect ratios and the canvas size. It does get a little bit tricky if you are working with a fixed dimension as there is no “custom” input field, yet.

Bricklink Mosaick Maker

Bricklink Mosaick Maker – Audrey Hepburn comparison

You can choose full colour or greyscale and I opted for greyscale since the photo is in black and white. The results are quite impressive but I feel that you would still need to do a bit of tweaking as a program can only do so much.

As you can see from the top right hand corner of the results that there is some artefacts which was probably due to the graphic file that was uploaded. That translates into parts and it does add to the piece count so you would have to remove it manually.

Bricklink Mosaick Maker
Bricklink Mosaick Maker

Increasing the canvas size will improve the resolution greatly (as well as the cost) and the program generates the parts list for you which will automatically include some EOL (end of line) colours that can be a bit expensive.

It is also optimised to use different plate sizes so that your mosaick is not filled with just 1×1 plates.

Bricklink Mosaick Maker

There are printable instructions but it is basically a map of where each element goes (as opposed to the step-by-step instructions).

Bricklink Mosaick Maker

I think this is a pretty cool program to fiddle around with for the time being and get started on a LEGO mosaic of your own.

A custom canvas size option would be a great addition to the final program once this gets out of beta testing.

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  1. David costa says:

    The result that I saw in london is not very impressive

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