LEGO Seasonal Christmas Ornament 2017 First Look

LEGO Seasonal Christmas Ornament (5004934)

We just crossed over to the second half of the year and LEGO has revealed a whole bunch of upcoming promotional polybags as well as some seasonal sets.

There is always one LEGO Christmas Tree Ornament that is released at the end of year and it seems that this year will be a slight departure from what we have come to know.

LEGO Christmas Tree Ornament (5004934)

LEGO Seasonal Christmas Ornament (5004934) for this year comes in a rather odd packaging with the box being part of the actual build. The 66pc sets comes with a couple of minifigures and some builds which is akin to an advent calendar than an actual holiday ornament.

Perhaps we are missing some additional photos but this doesn’t even look like it could hang on a Christmas tree.

LEGO Christmas Tree Ornament (5004934)

This should be part of some Gift-with-Purchase near the holiday season. Will update once we have more information on it.

(Thanks to Bouwsteentjes for the heads up!)

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  1. HUI MEI KUAN says:

    Can you please send a reminded if you have any stock for this?

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