LEGO DC Superheroes 2017 Sets Officially Revealed At SDCC!

LEGO DC Superheroes 2017We posted about this back in May with a list of potential LEGO DC Superhero sets that will be coming out in the later half of 2017.

Forbes has confirmed the sets with the release of the official images to three of the upcoming sets that will be showcased exclusively at San Diego Comic Con (SDCC).

Superman Krypto Team-Up (76096)

Minifigures included: Superman, Lobo and Krypto
Superman Krypto Team-Up (76096)
Superman Krypto Team-Up (76096)

The set features Lobo’s Spacehog along with some Kryptonian device which sports a new type of 6L Trans-green bar.

Lex Luther Mech Takedown (76097)

Minifigures include: Batman, Firestorm, Wonder Woman, Lex Luthor and Cheetah

Lex Luther Mech Takedown (76097)This is definitely an upgrade for Lex as this power suit looks to be a big improvement from his previous one in Superman VS Power Armour Lex (6862).

Speed Force Freeze Pursuit (76098)

Minifigures include: Flash, Cyborg, Reverse Flash and Killer Frost

Speed Force Freeze Pursuit (76097)
Speed Force Freeze Pursuit (76097)

The two minifigures to aim for in this set is Reverse Flash and Killer Frost. There seems to be a new red circular netting for this set along with Killer Frost’s ice bolt accessory.

This reveal’s highlight is all about the minifigures. I’ve been waiting for a Reverse Flash and Lobo minifigure for the longest time and now I’m able to get my hands on one!

These are just the product photos so we should be seeing the box art and individual minifigure images really soon.

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  1. esfrolios says:

    Those 2×1 slightly rounded plates (red for 76097, black for 76096) are brand new parts?
    They remind me a similar part from Tente brand, very useful for ship chimneys

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