LEGO Creator Expert London Bus Launches in Singapore

LEGO London Bus Launch Singapore

August has quietly crept up on us and we kick off the month with the launch of the much anticipated LEGO Creator Expert London Bus (10258)!

And just for the this special set, the two LEGO Certified Store operators in Singapore have both launched their own exclusive gift with purchase that is exclusive to their individual outlets.

Bricksworld LEGO Certified Stores exclusive gift with purchase (GWP) when you buy the LEGO Creator London Bus is the LEGO Hackney Cab by One More Brick.


There is also another GWP offer that is running concurrently which is the LEGO Caveman & Cavewoman Minifigure pack. Apparently, the LEGO Creator London Bus qualifies you for both GWPs which is a really nice touch.

LEGO London Bus Launch Singapore

The Brick Shop LEGO Certified Stores has their exclusive LEGO London Bus EZ-Link card. This is our local stored value card which allows us to access the public transportation system here in Singapore.

LEGO London Bus EZ-link card

LEGO London Bus EZ-link card (Courtesy of Robin Yeo)

However, I found out through one of our contributors that the Brick Shop does not allow you to stack the promotions so you are only able to get the LEGO Caveman & Cavewoman Minifigure pack if you purchase non-creator sets.

Bricksworld LEGO Certified Stores also launched their first ever LEGO Store Calendar today. This is actually the Asian equivalent of the LEGO Brand Store calendar that lists out upcoming events at the store which AFOLs can look forward to (eg. Monthly Builds, exclusive events).

LEGO Certified Store Calendar August 2017LEGO Certified Store Calendar August 2017

As you can see, there is already a date set aside for an “AFOL night” which is a night set aside for AFOLs to come together and enjoy LEGO related activities.

LEGO Certified Store Calendar

Details are still a bit sketchy but from what I gather, this will only be available at one store at the moment. Watch this space as I will update this as soon as I get more information.

The Bricksworld LEGO Certified Store at Plaza Singapura has an additional fun activity in which those who bought the LEGO Creator London Bus are invited to help complete a LEGO MRT (ie. Subway) map of Singapore.

All you have to do is to find the corresponding tile with the name of the MRT Station to complete the map. You don’t get anything for doing this but its nice engagement mechanic.

LEGO London Bus Launch Singapore

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