LEGO Teases UCS Star Wars Millennium Falcon With New Image

LEGO UCS Millennium Falcon Teaser

The internet has been abuzz with a cryptic image that has been posted to LEGO’s official twitter page.

It shows a nondescript white box next to the LEGO Creator London Bus with the caption “The London Bus comes in a box that is over 20,000 cm³ but something BIGGER is coming…4.86 times bigger, to be exact!

The LEGO Creator London Bus packaging box is already quite huge but the new set that will be release is almost five times as big which could mean that the release of the long rumoured LEGO Star Wars Ultimate Collectors Series Millennium Falcon update is right around the corner.

OR it could just be a super pack like the 10,000pc Ultimate Battle for Chima super set which would then be one of the cruelest jokes in the history of LEGO.


The Ultimate Battle for Chima (410807)

The LEGO Brand Store Calendar for September has also listed two undisclosed LEGO sets that will be put on sale for VIP members on the 14th and 15th of that month so this still could be anyone’s guess.

LEGO Brand Store Calendar September

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