LEGO Ideas Third 2016 Review Winners Revealed


The LEGO Ideas blog has just released the latest LEGO Ideas Review Results video and I’m super excited to report that the LEGO Voltron and LEGO Ship in a bottle both have been selected to be made into actual sets!


I have been following both LEGO Ideas projects since before they were submitted onto the platform and this is really an amazing win for both fan designers.

I caught up with Lendy and he wishes to thank all those who have supported him throughout the project.

“Thank you so much to everyone! It wouldn’t have made it without all your support!” ~ Len_d69

I had a chance to see the actual model up close during the Malaysian AFOL summit earlier this year and he has made a lot of improvements to the model since his first submission.

The other winner for this round of results is the LEGO Ship in a Bottle project which is an original concept (non-ip) which I can foresee a very interesting build experience.


I cannot remember when I was this excited for a LEGO Ideas project let alone two and I cannot wait to get my hands on them!

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