LEGO Voltron Defenders of the Universe Fan Model Up Close!


LEGO Voltron

Over the last few days, LEGO Ideas finally announced that the LEGO Ideas project submitted by Leandro Tayag from the Philippines would be made into an actual LEGO set!

Malaysia AFOL SummitI had the great fortune to meet Lendro (Lendy) in person and get a first hand look at the LEGO Voltron model at the recent Malaysian AFOL Summit organised by the LUG of Malaysia (LOM).

Malaysia AFOL Summit
Malaysia AFOL SummitMalaysia AFOL Summit

Lendro actually started work on the LEGO Voltron model almost two years ago and has continued to tinker and improve his design even after submitting it into LEGO Ideas.

Malaysia AFOL Summit

It was one of the quickest LEGO Ideas project to reach the 10,000 supporters required in just two weeks.  Although I’m not that huge a Voltron fan, I still had the toys and I can remember coming home from school to turn on the telly and catch the latest episode of Voltron.

Leandro has actually been refining Voltron’s Lion head for a good portion of two years as well as working in the transformability of the individual lions that make up Voltron’s limbs and torso.

Malaysia AFOL Summit

What I was most impressed with was how he managed to include ‘cockpits’ that fits the individual Voltron pilots without compromising the exterior.

LEGO Voltron

I really do hope that this feature gets worked into the final model as it is really a testament of Lendy’s engineering and design techniques.

LEGO Voltron Cockpit

He even made a ‘micro’ version of Voltron which an amazing use of the LEGO elements in ingenious ways.

Malaysia AFOL Summit

I honestly cannot wait for the set to be produced and I will definitely be in queue on launch day.

Hopefully TLG will organise a “meet the fan designer” session like how they did with Felix Stiessen (LEGO Ideas NASA Apollo Rocket) and Kevin Szeto (LEGO Ideas Yellow Submarine) perhaps in Philippines or Malaysia?

Keep up the great work Lendy!

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