The Return of LEGO Harry Potter?

LEGO harry potter

There has been a bit of chatter on the rumour of LEGO Harry Potter theme returning next year.

Sir Von Lego on Eurobricks has reported that we will indeed get more LEGO Harry Potter in 2018 and this isn’t too far of a stretch since Warner Bro. are pushing heavily into the Wizarding World of Harry Potter with their Fantastic Beast series.

They released a few LEGO Dimensions expansion packs that included Harry Potter, Voldermort and Hermoine minifigures so expanding them into sets wouldn’t be too difficult.

LEGO Dimensions Harry Potter

The line up could be mixture of both series but Sir Von Lego is confident that it will center squarely on the boy who lived.

There is also some talk of a LEGO Harry Potter Collectible Minifigure Series as well which would make business sense since the minifigures have been selling for a pretty penny on the secondary market when the LEGO Harry Potter theme retired.

LEGO Harry Potter CMF possibility

Frankly, I’m quite excited by this prospect as I completely missed out on them. Who knows, maybe we might even get a UCS Hogwarts Castle in the future?

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