LEGO Batman Movie Minifigures for Toys ‘R’ Us Bricktober 2017

LEGO Batman Movie TRU Bricktober

With all the fanfare of Force Friday, it would be easy to overlook that Bricktober is just around the corner!

It has been revealed by the German Toys ‘R’ Us website that we will be getting a total of FOUR more LEGO Batman Movie minifigures for the month of October.

003---bricktoberThe LEGO Bricktober Toys ‘R’ Us 2017: LEGO Batman Movie Minifigures (5004939) includes the Blue Easter Bunny Batsuit which existed as an LED keychains previously.

002---minifiguresThey are retailing for 14,99 € which is approximately SGD$24 and that works out to be SGD$6 per minifigure.

There should be three more Bricktober sets for Toys ‘R’ Us so stay tuned for the next reveal!

(Special thanks to Promobricks for the heads up)

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