Lester Minifigure Spotted in Leicester Square LEGO Store!

Lester Minifigure Mascot

Lester Minifigure Mascot ©Buban Mell

According to a couple of sources, the Lester minifigure mascot (40308) has found his way back to the Leicester Square LEGO Brand Store!

One of the staff members during the Leicester Square LEGO Brand Store opening mentioned briefly that the highly sought after Lester the Minifigure Mascot would be widely available eventually. And she was right!


It is retailing for £5.99 which is approximately SGD$10.50 / USD$8 which is pretty decent for a minifigure polybag. Not to mention that the secondary market price for this minifigure was close to USD$500 at one point.


Lester at the Leicester Square LEGO Brand Store ©Van Chiu

I’m pretty sure that this will sell like hotcakes so if you have any friends in London at the moment, time to call in those favours.

This is really great news as it gives us mortals who were not able to obtain him at the Leicester Square LEGO Brand store opening to actually finally own one!

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