Rumour: LEGO Harry Potter UCS Hogwarts Castle in 2018?

LEGO Harry Potter Hogwarts Castle

I wrote a post back in August this year on the possible the return of Harry Potter to the LEGO line up in 2018. Warner Bros will be releasing the next Fantastic Beasts movie and the sets would be a logical tie-in.

Now, there is an added rumour floating around with regards to a post on Eurobricks that posits set number “(71043) Licensed IP D2C” could belong to the Harry Potter theme.


Usually D2C (Direct to Consumer) are large scale sets (eg, Disney Castle, Ninjago City) and a LEGO Harry Potter UCS Hogwarts Castle would be an amazing set to complement the upcoming movies and the possible minifigure series based on the characters.

I for one would love to have a LEGO Hogwarts Castle for my collection as I completely missed the LEGO Harry Potter theme due to my “dark age”.

As with any rumour, do take this with a bucket of salt till we are able to confirm the identity of (71043). Who knows, it could turn out to be a re-release of the Hogwarts Express or something to do with the Fantastic Beasts series instead.

LEGO harry potter lord voldermort

(Via The Brick Fan)

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