Travel the World With These LEGO Passports!

The LEGO Passport

A little known fact about the LEGO Brand Stores around the world is that they have a special LEGO passport that you can request for when you pay them a visit.

I first encountered them a couple of years ago but it was only when I visited Copenhagen recently did I actually get one for myself. The first page requires you to list down your particulars and there is a generic LEGO head that you can ‘customise’ with the provided sticker sheet.

The LEGO PassportThe LEGO Passport

These passports are a fun way to keep track of the different LEGO Brand Stores around the world that you’ve visited. Each store has their own specialised stamp which they would be happy to decorate your passport with upon request.

The LEGO Passport

If you don’t have one already, they will give you one (also upon request) and it is usually one per person. From what I gather, the different colour represent the regions that they are from with Blue for the United States, Red for the United Kingdom and Brown for Europe.

The LEGO Passport

It is a nice personalised LEGO gift from the country that you’ve visited and I would think that you would probably need a few of these if you were to try and collect all the different stamps from all the LEGO Brand Stores around the world!

How many stamps have you all collected so far?

The LEGO Passport

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