LEGO 60 Years of the Brick Anniversary Set Sneak Peek!

001---lego-60-years-of-the-brickA sneak peek at the LEGO Brand Store January 2018 calendar has revealed a very special LEGO 60th Anniversary set which will come in the form of a Gift-With-Purchase for that month.

The set pays tribute to four classic sets from the Classic Castle, Space, Pirate and Town themes with micro versions of them.

From the image we can gather that they are the sets:

  • Castle (375)
  • Black Seas Barracuda (6285)
  • Airport Shuttle (6399)
  • Galaxy Explorer (497)
Castle (375)

Castle (375)

Black Sea Barracuda (6285)

Black Seas Barracuda (6285)

Airport Shuttle (6399)

Airport Shuttle (6399)

Galaxy Explorer (497)

Galaxy Explorer (497)

This looks to be in line with the last year’s LEGO Employee gift 50 Years on Track set which featured smaller versions of the classic train sets.

Exclusive LEGO "50 Years on Track" Employee Gift 2016

Exclusive LEGO “50 Years on Track” Employee Gift 2016

The minimum spend to redeem the set is USD$125. There is no word how much would be needed to redeem the set in Singapore but I heard that it will definitely make its way here. Watch this space!

(Photos via Brickset)

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