LEGO Batman Movie Minifigure Series 2 Sneak Peek

LEGO Batman Movie Minifigures series 2

While there have been a few images of the box and insert sheet floating around the interwebs, the LEGO Brand Store Calendar for January 2018 has given us our first official sneak peek at the upcoming minifigure series from The LEGO Batman Movie!

The image does not showcase the full line up but it does feature (From L to R) Back: Vacation Alfred, Black Vulcan, Jor-El, Clock King, Soccer Mom Batgirl,  Front: Vacation Joker, Disco Harley, Swimming Pool Batman (with Dolphin) and Vacation Robin.

This leaves out: Hugo Strange, Mermaid Batman, Vacation Batgirl, Killer Moth, Apache Chief, General Zod, Doctor Phosphorus, Disco Alfred, Black Canary Jayna and Zan (The make up the Wonder Twins).

The official photos should start appearing soon considering this is a January release! Keep a look out for our upcoming minifigure “feel-guide”!

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