More LEGO Harry Potter Rumours for 2018!

LEGO Harry Potter Rumours

The year 2018 is fast approaching and the rumour mill is back at full throttle.

I posted about possible LEGO Harry Potter sets returning back in August and now according to The Brick Fan, new rumours have resurfaced.


There are talks of five sets released in August with three belonging to the original Harry Potter series and two from the Fantastic Beasts franchise.


No word if the Fantastic Beasts sets will be from the Crimes of Grindelwald sequel but it would appear so since the movie will be released a month later.

There is also rumours that there will be a Harry Potter mini figure series that will encompass the entire Wizarding World of Harry Potter so if you’ve been holding out on that Moaning Myrtle LEGO minifigue, you’re in luck.

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