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LEGO House Tree Of Creativity (4000026) Coming in March!

Tree of Creativity 4000026

As some of you may remember the LEGO Inside Tour surprise gift for last year was the LEGO Tree of Creativity (4000024) set which was only available to attendees of the tour. Now, the LEGO House will be having their own retail version which you can buy when you visit it in Billund! Yes, it […]

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A Tale of Two Hulkbusters

76031 vs 76104 hulkbuster

As it was by pure luck that I managed to get the LEGO Marvel Superheroes Avengers: Infinity War Hulkbuster Smash-up (76104) set recently, I thought I’d do a quick comparison with the older Hulkbuster from (76031). The Infinity War version (76104) stands just slightly taller than the Hulkbuster from two years ago, (76031) which is […]

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Official LEGO iPhone Case Coming in March!

LEGO iPhone Case 853797

Come March, LEGO’s extended line is going to include a new LEGO iPhone case (853797) with studs on the back for all your customisation needs! It will also comes with 47pcs for you to design your ‘cover’ which includes some nice quarter and half circle tiles. There is even the hinge piece that allows you to prop […]

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Rumoured LEGO BrickHeadz for 2018!

brickheadz marty mcfly and doc brown

I did find it odd that the only BrickHeadz related news out of the New York Toy Fair was the LEGO Go Brick Me started kit but now Falconfan1414 from Eurobricks is reporting that we will be seeing more designs this year! It looks like LEGO was pretty happy with the 2-pack packaging of Rey and Kylo […]

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LEGO Friends Pods Officially Available Online

LEGO Friends Pod 2018

I reported last week about these LEGO Friends Pods appearing at the LEGO Certified Store in Hong Kong and now they are officially available online on Shop@Home. There is one for each character, Emma, Mia, Olivia, Andrea and Stephanie and they are retailing for USD$8.99 per pod. The RRP in Hong Kong is HKD79.90 which is […]

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Solo: A Star Wars Story LEGO Posters Assembles The Crew!

LEGO Star Wars Solo posters

LEGO Twitter just tweeted these LEGO Star Wars Solo: A Star Wars Story (thats a mouthful to say in one breath) character posters which are LEGOlised versions of the actual theatrical posters. They do give us a closer look at the characters and I do hope that LEGO would release them as a gift with purchase […]

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LEGO Incredibles 2 Set Details!

LEGO Incredibles 2 sets

I’ve been a fan of The Incredibles since the first movie and now LEGO has announced that they will be releasing sets based on the upcoming sequel! The Brick Show reported from the New York Toy Fair that there will be not one but three sets based on second adventure of the Parr family. Elastigirl’s Rooftop […]

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LEGO Go Brick Me (41597) Lets You Customise Your Own BrickHeadz!

LEGO Go Brick Me 41597

One of the more interesting sets to come out of the New York Toy Fair was the announcement of the LEGO Go Brick Me (41597) set! It allows you to create two of your very own personalised BrickHeadz with the 708 pieces included. It will retail for USD$29.90 which comes out to 4¢ per piece. I […]

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LEGO Collectible Minifigure Series 18 Full Details

LEGO Collectible Minifigure Series 18 71021

The New York Toy Fair is underway and LEGO has officially announced the LEGO Collectible Minifigure Series 18. CMF series 18 actually celebrates the 40 years of the LEGO minifigure and this one will be a special series with 17 characters to collect. There are usually 16 characters in a set to collect and the 17th character […]

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LEGO® Marvel Super Heroes The Hulkbuster: Ultron Edition (76105) Official Announcement!

LEGO® Marvel Super Heroes The Hulkbuster: Ultron Edition (76105)

After months of speculation (and a couple of leaks), the LEGO® Marvel Super Heroes The Hulkbuster: Ultron Edition (76105) is officially announced! This 1363 piece behemoth stands at a height of 25cm when standing upright and comes with a number of play features. One of the major highlights is the interchangeable left arm which can be […]

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