South Korea LEGO Store Visit: Toy Focus

South Korea Store Visit: Toy Focus

In my continuing exploration of all things LEGO in South Korea has brought me to one of the largest LEGO toy stores in Seoul.

Toy Focus are located in Ilsan which is a good 30-45min drive out of the capital that is incidentally on the way to the airport as well so I figured I would make a quick stop before I fly to check it out.

It is indeed one of the largest (if not the largest) LEGO toy store that I’ve been in South Korea. The first floor has some LEGO at the cashier counter and I was surprised to find some EOL (End of Line) Mixels and Friends packets for close to RRP (Recommended Retail Price).


However, the real fun begins when you head to the second floor which is dedicated to sets and dioramas built by the local LEGO User Groups.


It is actually split into two sections with one half featuring all the current sets from the mainline. There is even a area dedicated to allow kids (and adults) to play test the sets with custom made LEGO play desks.


Prices are comparative to Singapore with a random sampling of the LEGO Creator Expert Detective Office going for ₩218,400 which comes up to about SGD$266. That works out to be approximately the same price you would pay in Singapore if you bought it from the LEGO Certified Store with your 10% membership discount.

The walls of the second floor are lined with glass cabinets which showcase long retired LEGO sets which is a trip down memory lane. There are sets from the 1980s all the way up to our current waves on display which doubles up as a mini-LEGO museum.




Life sized LEGO statues of Harry Potter and Ron Weasley welcome you to the section with all the dioramas and MOCs (My own creations) that were built by the LEGO User Groups of South Korea.

South Korea Store Visit: Toy Focus


Some of the designs you may recognise from the fan community like Stebrick’s French Palace, RedCoKid’s Ferris Wheel and Pete Strege’s Green Sables Stadium which are a treat to see up close in real life after having only seen photos of them online.


Peppered throughout this area are MOCs by individual moccers. I particularly loved this Victorian style telephone which has an amazing use of gold LEGO elements.


It was a real blast to be able to check this place out and I would definitely recommend it as one of the pit stops for any AFOLs visiting South Korea. It may be a little challenging to get to by train but a quick cab ride from the main city should get you here.

I took a lot more photos that I could include in the post so here is a gallery for your perusal:

The store is opened from 9am to 7pm from Mondays to Fridays. Closed on weekends and public holidays.

Address: (우 : 410-814) 경기 고양 일산 동구 장항로 76-3 ㈜ 토이 포커스 (1115-3 Baekseok-dong, Ilsandong-gu, Goyang-si, Gyeonggi-do, South Korea)

(Special thanks to Brian Yu from Brickmaster LUG for bringing me here!)

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