World’s Largest LEGO® Cherry Blossom Tree Takes Root at LEGOLAND Japan!


Just in time for Sakura Blossom season, LEGOLAND Japan has erected the world’s largest LEGO Cherry Blossom Tree!

It took a staggering 800,000 bricks to construct and stands at 4.38 metres in heigh, 5.42 metres length and 4.93 metres wide.

Largest LEGO® Cherry Blossom Tree

The tree was actually constructed by a team of builders in the Czech Republic and sections were flown in to be assembled at LEGOLAND Japan.

Largest LEGO® Cherry Blossom Tree

“I’m excited to showcase this world’s largest LEGO® brick cherry blossom tree. I hope that visitors enjoy a piece of Japanese culture in LEGOLAND® Japan-style.” – Torben Jensen, president of Legoland Japan Ltd


I’ll be headed to LEGOLAND Japan in June and can’t wait to see this in person!

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