LEGO Ideas Voltron Will Launch Worldwide on August 1st!

LEGO Voltron 21311

The details regarding the next LEGO Ideas set to be released have been scant and it was only recently that the Korean entertainment website, IT Chosun, ran a story with regards to the launch date of a certain LEGO Ideas Voltron.

I had to do a little digging to confirm that the story is legitimate and apparently an employee from the LEGO Certified Store in Korea spoke to the website, confirming August 1st 2018 as the launch date for the LEGO Ideas Voltron (21311).

Malaysia AFOL Summit

This is great news as there has been a little to no details regarding the upcoming set other than the fact that it will be on the shelves eventually.

Malaysia AFOL Summit

There are rumours that it will be have an Recommended Retail Price of 179.99USD / 199,90€ SGD299.90 which would indicate that this is going have quite a number of pieces judging from the previous LEGO Ideas releases.


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