LEGO James Bond Coming Soon!


Just a couple of hours ago, LEGO tweeted a ‘cryptic’ message that hints that we will be getting a something related to the James Bond franchise.

We’ve been thinking about creating a special Secret (Service) model that could help an agent out in a tricky situation. Any ideas?

From the hastag, it can be deduced that it would be a collaboration with Aston Martin so it will most likely involve the classic James Bond vehicle, the DB5.

james bond aston martin db5

Furthermore, it is that time of the year that LEGO announces their LEGO Creator Expert vehicle of the year. Last year it was the LEGO London Bus (10258) and now it looks like we’re getting another iconic British automobile.

Another tidbit that is interesting was that during the Recommended LEGO Fan Media days, I was able to chat with lead designer LEGO Ideas Samuel Johnson and asked why didn’t the LEGO Ideas project Jaguar E-Type Roadster did not make the cut and he said that it was because “It clashed with another product that is coming up…

Aston Martin AND James Bond also responded to LEGO’s tweet with replies of their own which kind of confirms that we should be seeing a LEGO Aston Martin some time soon!

Stay tuned for more info!

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