LEGO Hamleys Royal Guard Minifigure Sells Out in One Day!

@ Ray Toh (I'm a Singaporean fan of LEGO)

@ Ray Toh (I’m a Singaporean fan of LEGO)

The LEGO Hamleys Exclusive Royal Guard Minifigure (5005233) has made its way to Singapore’s Hamleys and as of this posting, has unfortunately already sold out.

It was retailing for SGD$6.90 which is a lot cheaper than the  £6 UK pricing. This would be the first time that the minifigure is making an appearance on our shores and needless to say, its popularity speaks for itself.

@Kevin Lou "Absolutely the last two Royal Guards left in Singapore"

@Kevin Lou “Absolutely the last two Royal Guards left in Singapore”

Update: It was first spotted by some eagle eyed readers who messaged me yesterday and after making a few calls, I can confirm that the minifigure has already sold out country wide.

They did mention that they will be restocking this sought after minifigure so for those who were not able to get their hands on it, don’t fret!

LEGO hamleys royal guard minifigure singapore brickfinder 03

Do keep an eye out for these making an appearance across other Hamleys outlets in South East Asia like Malaysia and Philippines.

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