LEGO Renault F1 Cars Recreated in LDD!

LEGO Renault sports LDDLate last year Renault Sport launched an exclusive wave of LEGO sets based on their F1 line up. There were very limited sets available and quite a number of AFOLs were not able to get their hands on one.

One of our readers managed to get his hands on the LEGO Renault F1 Cars sets and painstakingly recreated them in LDD (LEGO Digital Designer) so that those who were not as lucky to get one may be able to construct their own models.

LEGO Renault RS 2027 Vision

LEGO Renault RS 2027 vision

He also generated the parts list in .xlsx format (so you can upload it to Bricklink) as well as providing a printable sticker sheet which you can download here.

LEGO Renault RS17c

LEGO Renault rs17 creator

He also provided the LDD file for the RS17 and a scanned copy of the instruction manual which also includes the sticker sheet.

LEGO Renault RS17s

renault-2017-speed-lego LEGO Renault F1 Cars

Not to be left out, there is also an LDD file for the smaller RS17s set that would go nicely with your speed champions collection.

So if you do download these and build them, don’t forget to give a shoutout to Eric Yang Dubois for providing these instructions!

Thanks so much for sharing this with the community Eric and to Nkubate for designing the ultra sleek LEGO RS 2027 Vision!

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