Build Your Own LEGO Hedwig Target Exclusive!


The recent Target Exclusive LEGO Harry Potter event saw a brick-built version of Hedwig perched on a couple of books. It was meant to be a giveaway for one lucky attendee and there was only one per participating store.

Needless to say, a lot of LEGO Harry Potter fans have expressed interest in this build and thanks to 3D artist tdotholmes12, we now have the version of the model!

@Melissa Campbell

@Melissa Campbell

The model clocks in at 1202 pieces and according to would cost approximately USD$134 to make. You can download the file here.

I did a quick look through and it is not the same exact model but it is definitely good first effort by anyone who is sharing this with the community.

And I hear that there is an LDD version coming soon so watch out for that! Good hunting everyone.

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  2. Brick Repository says:

    Hey! Why not add the file to the gallery?

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