Make Your Own Micro LEGO Voltron!

micro lego voltron model brickfinderI was super fortunate to get my hands on one of these custom designed Micro LEGO Voltrons when Lendy was here in Singapore for the LEGO Ideas Voltron signing event.

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A lot of readers have been messaging about the instructions and I asked Lendy if he would be willing to make some to share so here it is!

micro lego voltron instructions brickfinder

He has provided full instructions and a parts list. The model consists of 80pcs and from the looks of it they are not too hard to find.

micro lego voltron parts list 2 brickfinder

A quick trip to Bricklink would be solve most of the parts that you are unable to get from your stash.

So if you do build one, drop us a comment with your build and don’t forget to give a shoutout to Lendy Tayag for the awesome design!

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